Dalyan Camping

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Tent  &  Bungalow  
(Adult Only  15+)

Stay in your Tent

We only accept small tents (2 or 3 person tent).
Due to Covid-19 we cannot offer any of our tents at the moment.
We designed our tent area for small size tents, maximum tent size is 2,5 mt x 2.5 mt.

Shared shower, WC and 24 hour hot water, shared kitchen, barbeque area, electric, Internet, Wi-Fi and Jacuzi are included in the price.
Most of the catlery and crocery, stoves, kettles, pans and other things are available in the common kitchen and also included in the price.
You can also use your own equipment.
Propan stoves, gas based barbeques and any other kind of stoves are not allowed in our campsite due to fire precautions.
You are not allowed free fire or any kind of cooking in front of your tent. 
All cooking related activities has to happen in kitchen area including barbeques than you can eat wherever you want.
We do not allow any vehicles to enter the campsite therefore tents-located on a car is not allowed.
You can park your vehicle at the entrance or on our street.
When you are setting up your tent if you need anything don't hesitate to ask our resepsion.
There are enough number of tables and chairs and electric sockets within the campsite. 
However we recommend to bring your own extension cable (max 10 mt).

Tent Prices and Reservation